How cool is that? David Cyster in his Tiger Moth alongside (ish) a Lightning.

David tells me this photo was "Taken by a mate in another light aircraft close to my base in 1973 at RAF Wattisham when I was with 29 Squadron. The Sqn Boss was flying the Lightning with flaps down at minimum speed (140kts). I was at max speed at 2000ft (approx. 75kts ) and the ‘passing’ photo taken rather well by the photographer. A perfect demonstration of angle of attack for an aerofoil. Published in Roger Bacon’s column in Flight International. Happy Hooligan Days!"

In this issue:

Shaw's Report - our Chairman Ian's worries about low level takeover by UABFs

(un-visible f-ing big quadcopters) and other such droneage.

Club Night Report - including Sharon's write up of some David Cyster's England to Australia trip.

David Creedy draws our attention to the importance of vigilance in the face of unmanned flying